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Return & Exchange Policy 

We want you to love your jewelry and other goods from Magpie Metals! 

Returns with a refund are allowed 30 days from purchase date when the products are in good condition. Returns after this period may be exchanged for store credit. 

Exchanges in-store are allowed within 60 days.


​Though it depends on many factors, if a piece from Magpie Metals breaks within 3 months of purchase, we will happily attempt to repair it. Depending on the condition of the piece, the metals or the stones, there may be a charge for the repair. We promise to continue to be reasonable and fair.

If a piece breaks beyond this period in a manner than can be repaired, there will be a charge for time and materials. These repairs are subject to the same limitations of materials and stone availability. If possible, we will give a repair price estimate when the piece is brought in. But we will be sure to consult you before we do anything that will be significantly more than the original estimate.


We do not repair jewelry made by other makers.

See our page on jewelry care to prolong the life of your pieces! 


We are very happy to do simple customizations when possible. Such as: shortening or lengthening a necklace, enlarging rings, changing the metal on a piece, etc... All of these changes are also dependent on many factors, most often it is material availability.

Customs are placed in a queue and done when time allows. Please let us know what is going on and we will do our very best to accommodate you, but there is no guarantee on timeline.  


We do not recreate pieces made by other makers.  

Due to holiday demand, we limit our custom work end of October thru December.

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