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About Holly, the designer and owner 

I am a maker.. a collector..a craftswoman..a keen observer of the macro, the minute, the mundane. My work is informed by these observations and inspired by materials - metals, rocks, minerals, wood, fabric, paper, etc.

My methods include forging, fusing, etching, rolling, and reticulating metal as well as mining or collecting then cutting and polishing many of the stones used.

About Magpie Metals & Mercantile 

In the shop you will find hand crafted jewelry, that is still made in-house, along with handmade ceramics from local artists, cards, organic bath & body, home goods & decor, and a plethora of plants and pots.  

We source thoughtfully, staying local and handmade as much as possible. We often say that we are constantly surrounding ourselves with things we think are beautiful and we also happen to sell them. 

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